the little van that could

Coffee and bread




Because of the influence of Portuguese

Goa has a different characteristic compared to other places in India.

Purtuguese first landed in the early 16th century as marchant and conquered it soon thereafter.

The Portuguese overseas territory of Portuguese India

existed 450 years until it annexed by India in 1961.

Coming down from northern parts,

this somewhat liberal province was fresh.

There were women workers in the public.

There were churches and Christian Indian women

dressed shirt and long skirt rather than sari.

Poeple were drinking coffee, not only chai.

Bread delivery man bicycled around villages

in the early morning and the evening

with ringing bell.

Away from the busy cities

there were still good old scenery.

But old time hippyies were gone

and nowadays touristic beach bar

had becoming more popular

to collect tourists

just like Thailand’s Haad Rin beach scene.


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