the little van that could


IMG_0106IMG_0126IMG_0137The most intense place I have ever travelled to

is probably India.

There are very different customs and ideas

than where I grew up and places I visited before India.

They have their own order in the society and  life

which I found interesting and fascinating.

Their calender is even in the unusual order.

The country was not always confortable

often unconfortable

but after I left

I thought about it and missed it

such a deep place,

my India.


2 responses

  1. Noriko

    もしかして今も旅行中?インド、いつか行ってみたい所。マーク曰くanother planet,そうかもね。しかしカレンダーを見て思う事、果たして江戸時代までは日本に曜日、と言う物があったのだろうか?今当たり前にwestan calendar を使っているけれど。もちろん縦書き全て漢字の数字、表なんちゅう物も無かったと思うのよね。そういう意味では日本は本当に欧米化を凄い勢いでやってきたんだよね。インドはイギリスの植民地時代、フランスに取られもしたし、しかしすごいパワーで自分達の文化を守ってるんだねえ。やはりanother planet なのかもね。やはり行ってみたいところです。

    November 28, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    • Another planet! I agree! India has firm pride to their culture and tradition. The catste system is not understandable for me and I think basic human rights should be protected, but their culture and tradition are in fact based on its system as well.
      On the other hand Japan had removed their traditions and customs as their economy grew up.
      Making miso or umeboshi on their own… will be “customs in the past” near future? That’s too sad! My next project is to make my own desu.
      Japanese grammas in the country side are tresure. They are full of wisdom. Or I should say grammas in general have lots of wisdom. They know their tradition.

      We are not traveling at the moment. I have been organizing my photos that I took during previous traveling. I hope you enjoy looking them : ) Excuse me for my funny English, my computer have problem for typing Japanese currently : (

      November 29, 2013 at 11:58 am

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