the little van that could

Fashionable professional


IMG_0079IMG_0072Indian sweets.

I had never liked them until the last trip to India.

Once I had got the taste of the Indian sweets,

I got hooked.

Gulab Jamun, is the orange ball that the man is deep frying.

He wears the Gulab Jamun shirts.

Spongy like balls are soaked in rose scented syrup.

Have them with Indian milk tea, chai.

Indian sweets’ use of spice and herb is unique.

Indian ice cream, kulfi,

 I had a special one in the small town called Bundi in Rajasthan

The man at the shop explained me all the use of spices and herbs

and the effect on the body


no need to feel guilty

I just enjoyed the flavor of the safran and caldamon with the chunk of pistachios.

The man was a baba

making a special kulfi

for good of all.



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