the little van that could

Modernization and capitalization


Tarfaya in Western Sahara desert was a very small vallage with no paved road (sandy) until couple years ago.  No street lights, no motor bikes.  Instead, donkys are on their duty.  Nowadays major part of the village is paved, and there are lots of motor bikes and SUVs around.  On the edge of the village there are factories in operation as well as some are being built.  The village is changing drastically.

“Rarely revealed publicly, but still operational, are corporate rationalizations that air pollution is the ‘price of progress’ and the ‘smell of the payroll’.  -Tom Robbins, Still life with woodpecker


One response

  1. formyfrog

    With the slanting buildings, particularly on the right, it looks like a painting, or a movie set.

    November 30, 2013 at 4:33 pm

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