the little van that could

The route

Map of Morocco

We took a ferry from Algeciras to Tangier.   We drove through Fes and Maknes.  Then we headed to Marrakesh.  From there we drove East, to Ouarzazate, and to Zagora(the best dates!!!).  We camped out in the middle of the desert with gorgeous milky way in the night sky.  Missed water after a while of being in the sand, so we headed to the coast.  In Agadir we camped out by the surfing resort.  After, we stopped in Tiznit, where we stayed in a campsite and checked out the city.  Then we were heading to Dakhla in the Western Sahara, however our car broke down when we were visiting the village Tarfaya, and end up staying there for while. and never left for Dakhra again.

On the way back, just driving along the coast North.  We stopped in Tiznit again for buying souvenirs and then took a splendid route to Tafaoute, the town know for rock climing .  We are not rock climer though.  Our visa was runing out so we had to rush up to go back to Tanger to catch a ferry.  So we drove hard, literally driving by Casablanca and Rabat.  When we arrived at the port, the ferry was not moving becauses of wind.  We had few more days til the visa expires but no body knew when the ferry is moving, so it was a bit frustrating.  We spent a night at the port along with the other campers and RVs, and luckly the ferry was going to Algeciras in Spain.  It was always unpredictable in Morocco, untill the end of the trip.

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