the little van that could

Camping in the rocky Tafraout


The town of Tafraout was toristic.  So some of the locals were agressive and dishonest.  After all Tafraout is a small village with tourism dependency.  I shoud not criticise about them but it is typical to experience that a touristic place with unconfortable behavioured locals elsewhere.  Anyways, we drove out from the town.  Just outside of it is gorgeous rocky hills,mountains and desert with no harsh people and cars.  We took a amall road to get away from the main road and found a chill spot to camp.  A few locals walked by from different village but they did not bother us.   We appreciated for the place in such a splendid nature  since in Europe we have hard time finding a camping spot where no one bother us unlike in California.  During the day camel man and goat man are taking around their animals for feeding.  Some of the hills were slopy but both men and animals were adapted, they moved around lightly.   Not being equipped for my foot it was not a piece of cake.  However you know the locals are not, either.  Theirs are even lighter foot equippment like slippers!


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