the little van that could



I mentioned about medina in the last post.  Medina is a distinct city section in a wall and contains many narrow maze-like streets.   In Arabic medina simply means ‘city’.  It is like a walled city inside a city.  In the medna, it is lively with people.  They  were shopping at vegetable and fruit stalls, or at the butcher with goats head on the counter (In Tarfaya, you see camel head).  On the streets there are many mans with carts selling more veggies and fruits, bread, dates and various goods like kitchen sponge, towels, buckets, spoons and forks and so on…  Some carts are pulled by hard worker donkeys.  They are not treated very well adn every time we saw them we cannot help thinking about a life born in donky.

In medina, there are clothing shops, sweets shops, pharmacies, hardware shops, grain shops, schools, and houses.
There is(are) a hamman(s), the Moroccan bath house.  We used hamman often while we were in Morocco because it was
more confortable than shower for us.  It is segregated and a bucket or two are handed by the guard.  There are taps
where people collect warm water in their bucket.  It is possible to get as much water as you need.  Outside of hamman
I hardly had chance to talk to Moroccan women, but in hamman they were talkative and open,I had my cultural exchange in hamman.  At first I was uncomfortable as I get too much attention since I was always an only foreigner, but
after I got used to it I did not care.  I even made friends.  Since I only knew few French and Moroccan Arabic, and they
do not speak much English, we had to use a lot of gestures and guess.  They helped me rinsing my hair, scrabbing my back,  and even offering a matress to sit on.    People are laughing, making jokes, and relaxing in the place without any men.  I caught a glimpse of lively and gaily Moroccan ladies.


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