the little van that could

Essaouira – where cats and dogs live in peace


It is a pretty beach town with touristic medina, a walled distinct city section with many small maze like streets.  Unlike other cities in Morocco, it seemed cats and dogs are treated really nice.   Good weather and nice breeze…  It is not only lovable for tourists but also for local people and animals .  However the town has a complex history…  It was taken over by Portugues in  early 16th century, then it switched to Franch in the early 17th century,and  presence of Dutch in the 18th century.  Once 40% of the population was Jewish handed trading with Europe in the 19th century, and recent years, it was a place for hippies to hangout in the 60s.

Anyways it was fun to walk around the medina and see those beautiful historical architectures.  Nonetheless to say we were more attracted to the happy cats and dogs…


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